DubLi Gives Back

DubLi Gives Back

An online shopping and entertainment hub, DubLi is a unique website that really gives back. In fact, DubLi gives back in two very important ways! By keeping its members and its communities in mind, it helps create a fun and positive experience for everyone. Read more about what DubLi does to support its members and [...]

Shop from Home with DubLi!

Shop from Home with DubLi!

Whether it’s the holiday season or the beginning of summer, going to the mall is not always an enjoyable experience.  Of course looking at the latest fashions and great new products is fun, but is it worth the hassle? Malls are crowded, not always clean, and sometimes difficult to navigate. With DubLi, you can do [...]

The Many Memberships of DubLi

The Many Memberships of DubLi

Are you a member of DubLi ? If not, listen up! This unique online shopping and entertainment community offers several different membership options. Are you interested in gaining access to the latest in entertainment? To fun games, great music, and wonderful shopping? Or maybe in getting five percent cash back on your purchases? DubLi does [...]

DubLi: Where Shopping Meets Entertainment

Online shopping is one of the most popular methods of commerce in the world. When you can shop from the comfort of your own home, why go out in the rain or cold? With DubLi, you can shop and experience the latest in entertainment at the same time!

How Does DubLi Work?

DubLi offers memberships, both free and paid, to people around the world. Once a member, you can access shopping and entertainment at your leisure. With three different tiers of membership, you will also benefit from Cashback on all of your purchases. Add the savings on top brand name products from the Unique Bid auctions and free streaming music and videos and free games and you have the comprehensive experience!

What Is DubLi’s History?

A public company, DubLi is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MediaNet Group Technologies, Inc. After its founding in 2003 as an auction site, it has evolved into a full shopping experience. Internationally known, DubLi now offers online shopping, games, music, and its proprietary reverse auctions to its members.

What Does DubLi Do to Help the Global Community?

Simply thriving as an active and busy e-commerce site boosts the global economy and improves the overall market. DubLi’s ability to cater to members around the world is a unique characteristic that allows it to thrive.  In addition, when you bid on one of the DubLi’s auctions, you are actually bidding against other consumers from around the world.

But DubLi does more than simply contribute to the growth of the global economy—it gives back. Through donations to several charities, DubLi supports the good work that the wonderful charitable organizations of today are doing. Some of these organizations include: Jordin Sparks Foundation, Blessings in a Backpack with Hilary Duff, and On Earth Charitable Foundation.

Why Should You Join DubLi?

Joining DubLi is more than becoming a member of an online shopping organization. When you sign up, you support an interactive community made up of international individuals. You support a company that believes in socially responsible charitable work and that strives to make the world better.

E-commerce is a fun way to join the global community, but joining a community is not the only perk. By becoming a member of DubLi, you will instantly open doors to the latest in shopping and entertainment. Better yet, as a V.I.P. Member you will get free DubLi credits and Cashback on your purchases and learn to save on the hottest items.